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Music videos and Ice-cream

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Planning a music video is something I have only slightly dipped my toes in. The locations, outfits, schedules, cast, the lighting, the budget... LOTS to think about. I knew I wanted to capture the emotion of the song visually without making it cheesy and cliche. The song is titled "Hurt" and the concept of the hook "hurt so good" comes from the idea of when you're addicted to something you know hurts, but for some reason you love it. Like rubbing out a knot in your muscles, plucking your eye brows or constantly entertaining that less than perfect love interest. I needed to capture the emotion of being hurt but also not allowing it to ruin your day.

I started with finding the locations.





-Ice cream shop

How was I going to get these business I had scouted to agree to let me bring 15 of my friends and camera into them ? Honestly most of them said yes out of the kindness of their heart which is incredible. Everything went perfectly and we all had the best day together at the arcade, the diner, strolling up and down monument avenue of course the champagne we had after. However .... We shot for an entire 12 hour day and ended up having to scrap it and redo it all. I know. It wasn't the happiest moment realizing that. Seriously making that decision plagued me for days, I cried, I meditated, slept a lot and honestly watched the footage at least 400 times. But I just knew I owed it to myself to not just like it, but to LOVE it. I knew we could make it even better, bigger and more concise. What a learning experience this has been to just go with the flow and as cliche as it sounds. . . trust the process.

So with a few lessons learned we scheduled a new shoot date, rearranged the story board and made our new creation of "Hurt". The right way.

Video will be out in August <3

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